2016 – My Emotional Roller Coaster

2016 was the best and worst year of my life! A true emotional roller coaster. New Years Day 2016 I got engaged to my long-time boyfriend (Mike). We were finally taking our relationship to the next level and I was ecstatic! At the end of February, my fiancé and I went to Brazil and had an amazing time. I truly felt like I was on top of the world. I was happy.

On March 7th, my mom picked us up from the airport. I’ll never forget the moment she uttered the words, “Your dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.” She said more after that — breaking the news to me the best way she could — but that sentence and that moment will stick with me forever. My. Heart. Dropped! Mike and I drove to Tampa that day to be with my Daddy. I thank God for allowing me to be with him for the remaining two weeks of his life. My final words to him were, “You’re the best daddy ever.” And he responded, “You’re the best daughter ever.” Then he told Mike to make sure he took care of his baby. The next day Daddy passed away and my life would never be the same!

The rest of 2016 was good. I had my bridal shower, went to Vegas for my bachelorette party, and then married my best friend. Even received a promotion at work along the way. Ended the year graduating from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with an MBA. However, I couldn’t fully enjoy these accomplishments because Daddy wasn’t physically there.

While experiencing these milestones, I always worried about losing someone else or something bad happening. It was like experiencing the big drop on a roller coaster and with every twist and turn afterward thinking, “Lord please not another drop, my heart just can’t take another one.” Yet, you find the strength to continue because you have no choice, you’re strapped in and can’t get off until it ends.

Experiencing the death of a parent is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. One thing I have learned from it is to live life to the fullest and do as much as you can while you are here. I don’t want to look back and have regrets…so I am just trying to live my best life! Will this blog succeed? I have no clue, but it’s what I want to do right now so I am doing it!